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  • Dec 29, 2008
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  • There are applications for the mini Apple probably doesn't even consider. I use mac minis where I work for touch-screen kiosks. They are awesome! They can be put in a smallish cabinet, they don't throw a lot of heat so there are no melt downs, they are easily ported from one location to another without breaking one's back, and best of all they allow me to run a stable OS. Plus I can use Apple's remote desktop to manage them all! I would not be using Apple for my kiosks if I had to lug around a Mac Pro... no way. Besides I simply do not need that kind of computing power, nor the cost. My next best option would be a MacBook. Kind of a waste to stick a laptop in a cabinet for a kiosk. Again, the Mini fits my needs EXACTLY.
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    What Would You Pay for a Low-End Mac?
  • Firefox 3 for me bay-B! (with the Speed Dial plug-in) Some of the other plug-ins for Firefox are indispensable for web development such as FireBug, Firesizer and Web Developer. Plus Firefox's bookmarking is much more intuitive than Safari. You can create folders and sub-folders AFTER deciding to bookmark a page, not so with Safari. Unfortunately, Google's Chrome is just one more piece-meal browser developers will have to test for.
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    5 Reasons Why Safari Rocks Chrome
  • You know what I think is "gay"... people telling others what words they can and cannot use, because they are offended by everything. That is so lame. Even more lame than Apple creating iBricks. You co-opt a perfectly good word, then make others feel guilty because you are somehow offended by what the rest of us know is a perfectly good use of the word. Well TOUGH!
  • I actually like the flexibility of the iMac I am writing this on right now: a G4 iLamp. It can be tilted, raised-n-lowered, swung around, and all the cables hang discreetly off the back. Yes, it was a luv-it or hate-it design, but it was very well thought out. The one thing that I just intuitively want to do with the current crop of iMacs is ROTATE the screen vertically. (We already have HP flat panel displays on PCs at work that are pivot enabled). There could be an axis sensor or something in the iMac that could detect whether the display is horizontally aligned or vertically aligned and adjust the desktop automatically. This would allow you to view web sites vertically so you don't have to scroll as much and watch your movies or work in your applications horizontally as well. So... for the next iMac: 1) Re-implement the flexibility of the G4 iLamp 2) Add the ability to rotate the screen vertically
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    Where Does the iMac Go From Here?
  • Just like Virtual PC causes droves of people to switch to Windows, and developers to only code for Windows?
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    Boot Camp: Apple's Insanely Bad Idea
  • You get the same cool white earbuds and cords that declare "I have an iPod", but for much less dough than the nano.