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  • Apr 09, 2007
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  • The finder may not have done the right thing in this case but giving it to the bar is not a good option. I've seen far too many instances of people turning things in only to have them kept by the bartender, valet or other employee. I was skiing one time and found some nice sunglasses in a case in the lift line. My buddy handed them to the lift attendant to go to lost and found. At the end of the day I checked at lost and found and they'd never been turned in. I checked the next day and nothing. A week later I called again and they never came in. I guess that lift attendant was sporting some new shades. Now if I find something I check to see if it's been reported missing and have the owner contact me personally. I do not trust employees to handle things properly.
  • I don't see it happening through the iTunes store. Will people want their kids downloading music with a link to porn available? Sure there are filters and rules to prohibit it but most kids are far more computer literate than their parents. Will parents being setting up the preferences when they have to ask their kids how to do it? I doubt it. About the closest to porn you'll probably see on iTunes is Playboy. Maybe. Even "The Girls Next Door" only shows the censored TV version. They might do an uncensored version and then some regular playboy videos--but that's it. Dealing in porn would put a scarlet letter on Apple and a lot of people would not buy ANYTHING from them if they ventured into the area of porn. Apple makes plenty of money doing what it does. It doesn't have to be a smut dealer.
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    When Will iTunes Sell Porn?
  • I have to wonder why it is that many of the best teachers are also some of the biggest supporters of the teachers union. Maybe it's because they like to get paid, have benefits and know that their head is not on the block whenever a new principal comes to town. The best teachers also need this protection because they are often the pain in the ass of school administrators who by and large are nothing more than pencil pushing conformists. A big problem we have with schools is that we see a "problem" with a system that pretty much works. Sure, there are poor teachers just like there are bad cops, lousy politicians, inept waiters and incompetent business managers. But they are the minority. Why is it that we expect all our teachers to be exceptional when all of our students are not. The average student is just that, average. So do you want your best teachers stuck trying to inspire students to become something they'll never be? Not every kid will be a rocket scientist (and those who will be are probably getting in trouble for trying to blow stuff up all the time) so quit expecting them to be. It's OK. We need middle managers. My brother, who has the most education in my family and the least common sense, graduated from law school and didn't even know how to tie a tie. So regardless of someone's education, once they hit the workforce we're gonna have to train them all anyway and the first words we should use will be, "Now forget about everything you learned in school." BTW, did school help Steve Jobs get where he got today?
  • I have to believe that by getting kicked out of the MacWorld UK conference Greenpeace got just what it wanted: publicity. Greenpeace is trying to tap the emotions of people by creating a bigger story than might have otherwise existed. Why does Greenpeace single out Apple among computer manufacturers? Is it because they are the most egregious offender, or the biggest company? No. It is because Apple alone among computer companies can create the emotional response that Greenpeace thrives on. Would anyone care if Dell or H/P were the target of this campaign? Not a chance. But Apple? People LOVE Apple. And that love is what creates an opportunity to tap into people's feelings and that's what Greenpeace is all about. Feelings. They are not an educational organization but an emotional one and, like a somewhat unstable former lover, they use confrontation to provide that emotional connection. But unfortunately, they are coming off here as just a little bit needy, a little bit loony and more than a little bit pathetic. We get your point, Greenpeace. It's time to move on and get a life of your own.
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    Apple Ousts Greenpeace