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  • Aug 30, 2005
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  • AngryHamster, I could not agree more. It seems to me that the people who put up the MacDailyNews "takes," along with 99% of the people who comment on the site cannot be older than, perhaps, 14 years old. I cannot imagine an adult calling upon all the readers of the site to bombard the Wall Street Journal for an article that it published which bemoaned the fact that Apple has a "lock-in" system with iTMS and the iPod. MDN actually posted the email address of the writer and the editor and told its readers to demand that the WSJ "correct" the mistake about only AAC being supported on the iPod. I've seen this come up dozens of times on as many sites: yes, the iPod supports MP3, etc. but the point is that Apple really does lock you in to their system if you have any intentions of buying music online. And for a person without much computer savvy, ripping to AAC does in fact make it difficult to play music in other applications on other computers. It's a serious annoyance that the Mac Zealots rose to defend. I can't myself imagine what these people are going to do if their gallant dreams come true and the Mac OS becomes the majority operating system. Do they imagine that the Mac will still be cool, interesting, and innovative? Do they imagine they'll still have things to write about and complain about? Because they won't. Because Microsoft isn't "evil" because it's got some kind of vile culture, but because when you've won a monopoly you stop pushing forwards with all your creativity and simply take advantage of your position to lock others out of a chance at dethroning you. What do you think Apple is doing right now with the iPod? The last actual innovation was the click wheel, invented with the Mini years ago. Instead they're focusing on keeping their monopoly for as long as possible, locking people in with the iTMS and putting out craptastic "innovations" like the iPod Photo. I myself never want to see Apple rise above 10% marketshare in anything. Because then they stop trying hard to be creative and interesting. The Mac Zealots should stop complaining about "ignorance" and simply enjoy what the Mac is now: proof that marketshare is a defeating goal.
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    Should The Mac Zealots Just Shut Up?