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  • Oct 12, 2008
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  • LOL! Nice points! Number 2 is my favourite and most valid IMO!
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    5 Reasons Why Safari Rocks Chrome
  • Nice writeup! Now I don't have to waste bandwidth on downloading the guide. As for the missing features I just don't understand why Apple doesn't man up to the situation and let us have them! Its not like it requires some advanced coding to add stuff like Video recording, note syncing, and whatever else you have mentioned above. As for playlists, I seriously don't understand why Apple doesn't allow creating playlists on the go. That is, permanent playlists. We do after all have a nice keyboard to type the names, rearrange the songs and do whatever else to it, so that it can finally sync back to the Mac. And while I understand they don't want you to share music via bluetooth, what's wrong with Photo sharing? I hope they at least open it up for game developers to have some multiplayer action going on...
    goobimama had this to say on Jul 05, 2008 Posts: 9
    The iPhone 3G Guided Tour Under a Microscope
  • Nice concept! Looks really awesome. However I wouldn't suggest this for the main keyboard. This would however do awesomely on the bluetooth keyboard that they give. It would be a perfect solution for integration. And the best part with this concept is if you prefer a mouse, just disable the trackpad and use a mouse as you always did! Good thinking boy. I however do see this design to be a problem for left handed users, for which a separate keyboard might have to be made. Otherwise yes, the trackpad could be a large one so you don't have to skip around on a high resolution display or something.
  • I wholeheartedly agree that digital cameras these days. They claim to be simple to use, yet my mom is more comfortable with those ones with the film in them. Then there's the horrible design for these things. The USB cable plugs in such, that there is no way but to hold the camera in my hand while the pictures transfer. Constant removing of the battery makes those cheap china-made plastic latches weak and eventually after a year they just come off. This is the sorry state of cameras these days. However, I don't see how Apple fits into this. I just don't see it (Not sure why, but I just don't see it). I just don't. Pro cameras on the other hand do their job pretty well. They are not meant to be simple and they produce awesome pictures.
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    What Should Apple's Next Product Be?
  • Holy moly! That comparison chart is indeed hideous! @SterlingNorth: Are you forgetting the two USB ports on the keyboard?
  • A very nice writeup I must say. Although I'm not sure where my stance is with regard to the OLPC project, I am with you in saying that either this Lyons dude stops his fake fake steve blog or go back to the good ol' days (read: Microsoft bashing!). The blog as I see it has become just another opinion blog and he seems to have a problem with just about anything. Also, his killer posts have already been exhausted. How much can one man write? He should have stopped the moment his identity was revealed.
  • Me too don't understand what the big fuss is about the Beatles. They were an okay band, let it be that way. Coming to iTunes is not in any way important.
  • All this stuff makes me wonder, will I get some form of steady internet on my mac? Will I be stuck with dialup for the rest of my life? If every man's one hope is not to die a virgin, mine is that I may for once get some form of steady internet at home. Great writeup btw, particularly about fluid. I had heard about the app, and then forgotten the name.
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    Web 2.0 Applications Are Invading the Desktop
  • I like the breadcrumbs bar. You can drag and drop from within the breakcrumb bar so it has it's functionality. But I'm sure it was copied from M$... @Chilstorm: The cut action deletes the previous file only after the new file is created. So there shouldn't be any data loss.. I do miss the Spotlight window change though. That one looked so neat and non messy. If I wanted to search in Finder, I could very well just launch finder and search...
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