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  • Aug 30, 2006
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  • * Nobody I know is stopping a musician from selling their music directly to a customer, unless they have voluntarily signed a contract. * Musicians sign with labels because labels do things that musicians neither want to do or know how to do. Artists are notoriously bad at marketing themselves. The few that are good are hated by the rest. * Labels front the $$$ to do recording and promotion of music. Albums have multiple songs because no one knows what song will be a hit. Every song takes $$$ to record. If you were smart enough to know which song would be a hit, you could get VERY rich, very quickly. You're not, they're not. Same goes for musicians in general. The labels ki$$ lots of frogs to find a prince. * What we're discussing here are business models, not religions. If you don't like a musician's or a label's business model, shop elsewhere or elsehow. Why is this so hard??? Its not as though there were a shortage of musicians. If enough buyers change their buying habits, business models will change. Get your courage up and quit whining.
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