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  • Sep 23, 2008
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  • Someone correct my math but here's what I found MSFT had $60 billion sales in the year to June '08 and $17B in net income. In the same period Apple had almost $30 b in sales and $5 b in net income. If that's correct MSFT is a much more profitable company. But I'm not a corporate analyst so I may have misread something.
  • I love my Macbook Pro. And I just got an iPhone 3G. I would marry them both it if were legally possible! I get it that they mention it in the 10k, but that's just CYA legalese. And I get that Apple is doing great. I love their products. But until Apple's marketshare is something more than a rounding error of Microsoft's I think direct comparisons and talk of Apple kicking Microsoft's butt is very premature.
  • From what I understand the price has actually GONE UP. They cut the price by $200 but raised the monthly fee by $10 which mans another $240 to the total price.
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    Attention Cell Phone Makers, The End Is Near