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  • May 24, 2009
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  • As a seasoned Mac fan, you still don't know that it's Macworld and not MacWorld? Good job sir!
    foofa had this to say on Jan 07, 2009 Posts: 7
    Apple Leaves MacWorld with a Whimper
  • Tod, in regards to why he remarked that he sold his music to lesbians is to distract from the fact that his previous writings have shown him to be a bigot towards homosexuals. The fact that he bothered to mention it here just goes to reinforce that fact. I didn't want to mention it because Hadley set things right, but I'm afraid this hate will creep back into the site.
    foofa had this to say on Dec 11, 2007 Posts: 7
    When Will Apple Decide Ripping DVDs Is Cool Too?
  • Thanks for yet another poorly researched, superficially thought about piece. CDs don't have copy protection -> Legal to rip DVDs have copy protection -> Illegal to rip Apple isn't in the business of producing software that enables lawbreaking. Simple. If you spent half as much time researching as you do typing, you might have found this out.
    foofa had this to say on Dec 10, 2007 Posts: 7
    When Will Apple Decide Ripping DVDs Is Cool Too?
  • Chris, you are a voice of reason here. I hope James will at least listen to you. As for why I got so angry, I think that's justified. It's one thing to accidentally use it as a pejorative. It would have been great if it got retracted with an apology, even removing it would have been good. Heck, just staying quiet would have been acceptable. James went out of his way to insult me and my concerns and for that, I feel justified in lashing out. Anyway, Chris, I hope you bring this up with site management. I want to believe this type of writing and behavior isn't site policy, but as time goes by, I'm beginning to believe it to be and I can't help support an organization that condones this.
  • Glad to see your ignorance and hatred against gays started this early. Bigot.
    foofa had this to say on Oct 15, 2007 Posts: 7
    The Art of the Blog
  • Hey Stoup. Here's a heart felt message you ignorant bigot. FUCK YOU.
  • Welcome to 2001.
    foofa had this to say on May 21, 2007 Posts: 7
    StarCraft Redux