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  • None of those are as important to me as Backgrounder, the reason I jailbreak. Allows me to play Pandora and other streaming radio applications while I use the iPhone for other tasks. A MUST have.
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    6 Worthy Apps for Jailbreakers
  • That would be April 1988, not March 1985. System 2.0 came out in April of 1985 though.
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    March 12, 1985: The First Mac Switcher
  • @just2say and the point I was making was where is the vaunted "sandbox" we were promised that would protect our phone from that? Why must I lose the functionality of my phone for 4 hours after trying to install an app?
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    Is the iPhone the OS 9 of Phones?
  • @just2say All the problems I have had are with 5A347. I restored it immediately, being aware of the update. I have since restored it multiple times. I think the key is for me to keep fewer applications ON the phone....
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    Is the iPhone the OS 9 of Phones?
  • @Resuna Yeah - my question exactly.... I back it up on a regular basis, and have figured out the things that cause it to crap out. But what bugs me is I am VERY wary of installing apps through the iPhone App store for fear of it failing and rebooting my iPhone to the endless Apple logo. I think I may have some idea as to this, but in the meantime I have resorted to ONLY installing apps through iTunes or when I am near the computer with the backup. As I said, phone 1st.... Now get it fixed Apple, so as I can once again feel awesome about my iPhone! (Oh, and the worst was getting a call last week, the phone ringing and vibrating, the persons name showing up - and there was NO FREAKIN' BUTTON VISIBLE to answer the damn thing. Fixed with a restart, but come on!)
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    Is the iPhone the OS 9 of Phones?
  • hahahah Zato3 - if you only knew me... However, thanks for giving me a laugh. This is the 1st time I have ever been called a shill for MSFT (usually i am called a Mac Zealot)
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    Is the iPhone the OS 9 of Phones?
  • I agree 100%. I am a big Apple advocate, and I have had my phone crash on me more times then I care to mention. The worst is when it restarts and does not advance beyond the Apple logo, and you must restore. I was without my phone for close to 4 hours on Saturday, and missed some important phone calls. Apple has to make the phone part of this solid as hell. I don't care if my apps crash, I can deal with that, but where is this vaunted "sandbox" that was supposed to protect the rest of the phone from problematic apps? iPhone 2.0 - I concur, you are Mac OS 7.5.1 (not 9.x - 9.x was pretty good, 7.1.2-7.5.3 were CRAP)
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    Is the iPhone the OS 9 of Phones?
  • It seems to me like Apple wants to have their cake and eat it to - there are hackers creating iPhone apps. They can see how much interest there is. THey can snap up the good developers for themselves. They can refine the API and fix some of the bugs they expose. Then they can release the API with much fanfare and claim they are listening to their users, and STILL wash themselves off the stability issue and just say "We'll let you blah, but we told you so!!!" I predict the API will be announced around Macworld...
  • if you love someone, set them free is by Sting, not The Police ;) But getting to your point - yes, Apple needs stability, which they need to improve 1st on the iPhone. Surfing the web can kill your iPod listening, and I have had the phone part crash once. SO even WITHOUT 3rd party apps, there is room for stability improvements. Eventually, they will release an API and then allow the apps to be vetted and ONLY APPROVED apps will be allowed to be sold through the iTS. Any other apps you find a way to download and install they can wash their hands of... To be honest, I am looking for a "vetted" apps approach like there is for the iPod (the iPod games). While some may say this is not in the spirit of the open software industry, I like the idea that Apple will certify that apps will not corrupt my phone - and still be able to throw crapware on it if I choose to through some 3rd party hacks. We are at the beginning of the iPhone eco-sphere. Give it time.
  • I agree with chigh. I use Unison for my newsgroup support and am very glad they are separate. I consider Entourage a sub-par newsreader.
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    Why I Stopped Using Mozilla Thunderbird
  • I think Yahoo is finally starting to take the Mac Market seriously, with the Firefox toolbar and now with Konfabulator. I think they chose it rather than other specifically because of the cross-platform nature of it. I think Yahoo is aware that among consumers (not businesses,) Apple has a much larger market share than 3% - and these Yahoo services are designed to appeal to the consumer, not business. With the continuing popularity of the Mac, this was a conscious decision and I doubt you will see Mac support dropped.
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    Yahoo! acquires Konfabulator!
  • Incorrect. Cocoa is an object oriented framework to what is for the most part a Carbon API on the Mac. Cocoa does NOT run faster than Carbon, it just allows for faster development time. If anything, Cocoa runs slower. Here is a quote from Usanity, see here: http://www.unsanity.org/archives/000024.php Enough with the FUD about Carbon/Cocoa. The real honest truth is we need to fix the Finder - the reason it is written in Carbon is probably to make it somewhat faster. Let's fix it - that's the real issue. "• Cocoa is generally SLOWER than Carbon, despite what most public thinks. (When a Carbon app wants to call a function in itself, it jumps directly to the function address; when Cocoa app wants to do the same, it goes through a single (ok, there are a few variations of it) function called objc_msgSend which finds the correct address and jumps to there. This means each time a Cocoa method calls another Cocoa method there's 16 to 80 instructions overhead compared to Carbon. A true bottleneck, however it is not a design flaw but rather a decision that makes objc quite flexible to make it achieve what it needs to)."
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    Pretty Pleased with Panther
  • "If Apple made a montior-less Mac at a $500 price point, more schools would be willing to incoporate them into thier labs. Even priced at $799 or $1299, Apple machines often budget-busting machines." The eMac came out precisely because of that reason Keith. I disagree about monitorless - schools do not mind all in ones, they just don't want to spring for flatscreen AIOs.
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    The New iMac: One Thing Too Many
  • The last couple of times this happened Apple Honored the Mac-Up-To-Date program and allowed people buying hardware after the announcement of an imminent OS to upgrade for $15-20. I wouldn't doubt they will do that again. Eytan
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    Poor Timing: G5 and Panther
  • My guess is all he had to do to get his G3 to work again was hit the reset switch on the motherboard... I have seen it countless times. Usually after lightning storms, power outages, etc., the machine must be reset. Even disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply, etc. will do nothing - but holding down the rest switch on the MBD for 15 seconds will cure a dead Mac. Eytan
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    Poor Timing: G5 and Panther