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  • Feb 06, 2007
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  • Hehe this is funny I just wrote about an Apple Game Console on my blog a couple of days ago. Here: So I was excited to hear what Aaron had to say. Actually his opinion was pretty much what I assumed people would have when I wrote my blog. In a nutshell I think it actually makes sense for Apple to make a console but they have to use another strategy than the others that leverages their current Mac market share. I basically argue that they use a game console as a way of increasing the number of games on the mac platform, thus grow the appeal of the whole platform itself. I see this as less about coming up with fancy hardware, but more about adopting a specific business model for parts of their hardware, that is loss selling hardware subsidized by game royalties.
  • As much as I love Apple and as much as I like to see some decline for MS I think that James blown the situation at MS totally out of preportions. They are not in as deep shit as he makes them to be. E.g. they don't need to rewrite their whole OS from scratch. It is not all junk. The foundations of Windows is newer than the foundations of Mac OS X. In my opinion it is not the kernel that sucks (it is quite good) it is the MS user interface and the Win32 API. All of that could in theory be changed without rewriting the kernel. Going for BSD makes no sense. Of course none of this is ever going to happen because so many apps run win32. I don't hate MS and I don't want them to die. I just wish they slow down a little bit so other companies can get a piece of the cake. MS dominance of the market is not healthy. If the failure of Longhorn can enable Apple to grab a bigger marketshare that would be great. At lastly lets not forget that MS can totally fail in the OS market and still be doing good. They have a lot of legs to stand on. The same can not be said about Apple. If OS X fails, macs will fail. Then they only have iPod.
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    How Microsoft Will Die
  • I don't this is a fair assesment. Take e.g. IE. MS was not doing a good job with it. Mac's looked bad because they got very bad performance on web browsing. E-mail and web readers are so important that they can't just leave it up to chance that there will be good web browsers available. So to have control over the situation they have to make key software themselves. E.g. I think that Apple should make development tools, email and web browser software themselves simply because that software is so important to the platform. I think the deal with Final Cut Pro is that apple needs some killer app to differentiate them from Windows. If it was all left to Adobe there would be no way to differentiate, becaues they make software for both platforms. Apart from that Apple doesn't hinder 3rd party to make competing software. If it is better then people will buy that instead. But I think it is understandable that Apple wants to make sure that there is a minimum quality available for key software.
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    Is Apple Going to iApp Itself Into Irrelevancy?
  • I think the problem all boils down to the issue with battery life. I had MP3 on my palm but I was always worried about the battery life when listening to music. Listening to music is just pleasure. Contact information, notes etc is much more important when you are on the move. If my iPod dies, who cares? It's just for fun anyway, there is nothing important on it. But I do believe that people do like the swiss army knife thing. It is just that is very difficult to get right. That doesn't mean it is impossible though. When the battery problem has been dealt with I think cellphones could take over for the iPod. But that is still many years away. By then there is probably phone functionality in iPod ;-D
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    The iPod Will Always Beat The Cellphone