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  • Oct 15, 2005
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  • The beachball shirt would be cooler if you would leave the text off of it. Anyone who knows what the beachball is will KNOW what it is, and anyone who doesn't will have to ask what the shirt is about anyway.
    David Chartier had this to say on Oct 13, 2005 Posts: 2
    Introducing T-Shirts from Apple Matters
  • iDisk isn't mean to be the Hard Drive to End All Hard Drives™. 250 MB might seem a bit low for $100/year, but the one major thing you never pay extra for is bandwidth. You can sync, move, upload and download as many files as you need and you never pay an extra dime for your bandwidth. The iDisk is meant to store those documents you need at work on the way out the door, or those new songs a friend recorded, and then effortlessly (read: EFFORTLESSLY) sync then between two or 20 of your Macs. No usb keys, no firewire cables, no extra thought as to which file is the most recent and where. Everyone keeps bringing up Gmail but Gmail doesn't offer IMAP service, which is a painfully incredible value to those who need it. Webmail and POPmail can take a long walk off a short bridge; I got over deleting 5 copies of brand new messages from email apps across 5 computers roughly about 5 years ago.. and web interfaces? Don't even get me started - they're about as clunky and cumbersome as Windows. Yes, even our beloved Google's. For $8/month you get effortless file syncing, fantastic IMAP email service (with features like aliases I have yet to see implemented as well) and a wealth of other "don't need to think or blink about it" web and file hosting services. .Mac isn't aimed at people who need 10 terabytes of storage with a dynamic flux capacitor and on-demand file reomgrification. It's aimed at doing a few specific things with an absolute minimum of effort, if any at all. You need to store your entire life's hard drive contents online? Go use streamload for that.
    David Chartier had this to say on Jun 24, 2005 Posts: 2
    What's Wrong With .Mac and How to Fix It