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  • Feb 08, 2007
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  • Wow, your guys are really on your game on this one. I mean how can you complain that you can't buy a PC for less than $1000 that can run Home Premium, when the ONLY computer that apple even offers for less than $1000 are those crappy MAC Mini's. Not only that, the $999 iMac might as well be a MAC Mini, cause if you haven't noticed, it has something called intergrated graphics. Last time I checked, intergrated graphics are NOT a good thing, certainly not "comparable" to what MS requires for Vista Premium (ahem, notice the 128mb Graphics requirement). For all intensive purposes anyhow there are 4 versions for the everyday consumer. 2 upgrades and 2 Full Versions, thats it. Thats a good thing, cause why buy features you don't need or can't use, and why buy full if for cheaper you can just upgrade. Its not that I hate MAC's, quite the opposite. I'm usually a supporter of the "little guy". But the complaints in this article are certainly throwing things out of proportion. I build my own PC, because both Apple and PC Manufacturers don't give alot of bang for your buck. Hopefully having a Premium Edition will wake up manufacturers to provide better specs, for better prices, because people will want that version.
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