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  • Jul 12, 2006
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  • I think the home computer is dying, and I think that Apple realised this well before MS. But yes, your comments are valid. The iPod is a simple media device, nothing more, nothing less, I can see Apple releasing a rival to Palm, if they put their mind to it, but I wouldn't buy one. I live in the city, If I need the internet, every other shop on the high street will offer me access. Recently I learnt that I could 'surf the web' with my Nintendo DS (Using the Opera browser cartridge). And i'm more likely to do that, than I am to go out and buy a palmtop computer.
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    Why Microsoft Sincerely Fears the iPod
  • As soon as I stopped being the only iPod user at my college, I knew apple were on to a money maker. As soon as I stopped being the only mac user at university, i started to realise why... I'm not saying it was intended to be, but the iPod has become a key for apple, a foot in the door. It's a nice little device, that just works, there are no arguments. Apple showed with that what they can do with computers. I just worry apple will slip. Using the iPod as an example, the last few generations of iPod have shown a slip in design and useability consideration. I hope to God they don't make the same mistake with their computers. I recenty made the very scary and daunting switch from PowerPC to Intel, I'm typing to you now on my Intel 20" iMac, my 12" PowerPC powerbook remains at the sidelines, but I have to be honest I've been using it less and less, the new iMac is a beautiful machine. That said, I prefer the powerPC noebooks over the Intel range any day of the week.
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    Apple Market Share to Explode?