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  • Jul 07, 2006
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  • The answer, of course, is to change banks. That's how things get changed in the business world. People vote with their wallets. It doesn't matter that the Mac only has a 3% (5%?) marketshare. If 3% of a companies customers say "we're leaving because you've ignored us" they'll stand up and pay attention. 3% could equal millions of dollars. Don't put up with it. Move to a bank that does cater to your needs. In 2006 there is No Good Reason for a bank, or any other business, to require Internet Explorer.
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    Explorer or Nothing
  • " So you decide to plunk down the $199.99 for the thing so that you can take it home and try it out. " Never. Gonna. Happen. MOST people will never plunk down $199 for an OS if they already have one that came free with their PC. Only geeks update their OS. Most people just buy a new PC once theirs gets too slow. There's a much better chance of getting Dell, HP and Sony to pre-install OSX.
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    Will Apple Go All In?
  • I wouldn't worry about Apple matching the reality with the hype. They have hit the ball out of the park recently -- the Nano, the Mini, the Intel Conversion. They are doing a FANTASTIC job on raising expectations, then exceeding them...
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    One more thing . . .
  • As much as I'd like to believe this is true, it just won't happen. The vast majority of computer users are drones. They don't know good from bad. They can barely manage to boot up the computer and check their e-mail. Windows is what they use at work. Windows is what comes pre-installed on their Dell. Windows is all they have ever used. Those folks aren't going to care if Longhorn doesn't include all the bells and whistles the Microsoft promised. If it comes pre-installed on their next PC, that's what they'll use. The only way OS X, Linux, or any other OS is going to topple Windows is if you get Dell and HP to start shipping all of their new computers with it pre-installed. Until that day, Microsoft has a bottomless goldmine.
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    How Microsoft Will Die