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  • Chris, Chris, stop throwing around numbers, everyone knows you can make numbers mean anything you want to. I can write the same story using numbers and make it sound entirely different. As was said in an earlier post, "we won't know it from these analyses, we'll only know it from the numbers, once they're in." That is the real truth. Anything else is just pure speculation. bee
    Bee had this to say on Mar 12, 2005 Posts: 3
    Where Will 900,000 Mac Minis Go?
  • First the writer said this "Just what would Apple's new market share be? Roughly 4.7%. Not exactly an earth shattering change." He also said that now Apple has about a 2% share, hey 4.7% sounds pretty good, did you take math? Oh, excuse me, you said the PC market will have a 10% growth year, where did that come from? I've heard a lot talk about a down year, not a 10% growth year. Not a news article here, this was an editorial and anyone could do that. Just be more careful with the assume s##t Mr. writer. bee
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    Mini Mostly Meaningless for Mac Market Share
  • Apple is a business and as you can see from Steve's paycheck it is a growing business. Apple may make things for the creative side of human beings. However, large companies are usually heartless, unless of course it affects the bottom line, but then again that's adult. Personally I wish they would totally separate the Macs from the music side of the company, I like both, but I would rather have a better computer. Nice to see Herbie is a Mac nut just like a lot of us. bee
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    The AppleMatters Interview: Herbie Hancock