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  • Sep 20, 2006
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  • Just the name of the program is enough to make fun of Microsoft for not paying attention to detail. It should be called Messenger 6 for Mac. Messenger for Mac 6.... ohhhhh look, Microsoft Messenger for Mac OS 6.
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    Messenger for Mac 6 "On Target"
  • If OS X's eye candy can give a technological advantage over Windows then the people using OS X will always stay ahead and make more money. If a user can undelete a file in Time Machine in one minute and it takes a Windows user 2 hours, right there saved probably $100. The majority of the population doesn't like to take risks. It's the one's who do who will make the most money and stay ahead of everyone else.
  • I do not agree with ANYONE saying the video iPod is a good idea. I personally would love to load it up with videos and watch them in the airport or somewhere else when I'm bored. Or take them to a friends house for a party and hook it up to the TV.
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    Handicapping the 12th
  • All anyone has to do is look at the invite for the iPod Nano and the invite for this event. Red movie theater curtians....
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    Handicapping the 12th
  • Nothing is user-friendly. Books even have a learning curve and they've been around for centuries. Think about it. It takes a child over 10 years before they can read an adult book all the way through. A child can figure out how to use a computer within days, so this article is completely unfounded.
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    The Mac Has Never Been User-Friendly