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  • Aug 06, 2008
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  • All this might make sense except for one thing: Quark and PostScript fonts. It's nice to believe that the only reason Apple survived was because everything ever done with a Mac or by a graphic artist was done in PhotoShop, but that is just wrong. Quark never really made inroads in the Windows world, and PostScript fonts not being compatible between Mac and Windows was even worse. Quark defined an industry and I don't recall their Windows sales ever being on par with PhotoShop. Quark even had Apple stop their all OS X lineup and sell new computers booting in OS 9 due to their lack of OS X Quark, which eventually marginalized Quark in the early part of the 2000s. PhotoShop saving Apple or whatever it is you were trying to say may sound like some unique analysis, but it is divorced from any facts about the graphics industry.
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    Did Adobe Save Apple by Supporting Windows?