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  • Apr 13, 2006
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  • In defense of the eMac It has more connectors than the mini. It has a faster hard drive than the mini. It has a microphone, and better speakers than an iMac. I considered the mini but bought the eMac because I wanted a 100% Apple system out of the box, but didn't have the budget for an iMac. There's no power brick; there's no third party hardware needed; everything matches. Finally, some of us still prefer the display of a CRT over even the latest LCDs, and it has that "it looks strong enough to use as a footstool", (not that I ever would stand on it) quality that I fondly remember from the original 128k Mac. I'm not saying it's perfect; I wish it were as quiet as a mini, but I for one would feel a pang if they killed it off.
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    Does the Mac Need a New Model?
  • I'm thinking the next kick in the pants of portable music player uptake might be to include all those people who don't yet have easy access to a computer or internet. The kind of people who might prefer to walk into a music store and plug their player into a dock and pay over the counter for a song. Not very sexy, but potentially a huge market... Andrew Burke
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    Did the iPod Win the War?
  • I've owned all the Newtons as well as a Pocket PC. With the 2100 and the PPC I get about one typo per two paragraphs (mind you, I have quite neat handwriting), so I'd definately insist on pen input. Back when I used the Newtons I was a PC user, and the PC-side software really stunk; I think if there was a new Newton tomorrow - and the PC implimentation of the software were handled as well as iTunes is now, then they'd have a hit on their hands. If we're also considering such out there things as roller blind displays then I'd like to submit that it's time that the hand held didn't synch with all our data, rather - it IS our data. There's more on this at: Regards, Andrew Burke
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    Will the Newton Ever Come Back?