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  • Numbers is an interesting app. I can definitely see how a consumer would prefer Numbers over Microsoft Excel. Nevertheless, power users will prefer Excel. There are some functions I can do in Excel that numbers doesn't have. Also, Numbers has no VBA programming interface like Excel does. I did like the charts in Numbers more than those in Excel, because they look prettier and are easier to work with. Numbers is a great place to create good-looking spreadsheets quickly, but for true power users it falls short (it is after all, the first version so it can't have everything already...). I bought Numbers figuring I can make some nice charts on it and also to fund this and Apple's other initiatives into the enterprise world...
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    iWork '08—Numbers & Keynote
  • Since Jobs resumed his role as CEO, Mac market share has gone up. Only if you compare his first tenure with his second can you make the claim that market share has gone down.
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    No Magic Bullet for the Mac
  • I think it's better to leave it all in one app. Makes it simpler for most consumers to buy media and keep it all organized (sucks about the name though - but keep it). That being said, there are many improvements to be made as far as video, both in how it runs, controls, etc. Give it some time guys, I'm sure they're working out the kinks. Compare the original itunes audio with all the features and improvements theyve added since then...and that was a simpler and smaller form of media than video. They'll also probably do some minor organizational improvements. That one about seperate audio and video libraries is top on my list.
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    The iTunes Music Store Is Outdated
  • "So MS will bundle the player with Vista and make it the default music player (tightly integrated into the OS probably.)" I think this would invoke a lawsuit. Apple is allowed (at least from a legal perspective) to bundle the itunes software because both items are viewed as comprising "one product" (sounds shady and I may be mistaken, but that's how I understand it). It is similar to the idea that bundling headphones with the player is not viewed as a move for domination of the headphone market. It would be much harder for MS to argue this if instead of music software it bundled the player with its new OS. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, for we all learn from our mistakes. (And let's all hope I'm right, because if not...MS would have to be downright retarded not to do it- sales of Vista will probably be sluggish (as far as upgrades go at least) so this move would encourage many to update and get rid of a lot of those individuals "holding you back" from improving the OS due to backwards-compatability issues)
  • I agree. Seems to be very business-oriented at the moment, and most people who use macs at work tend to be designers or some other specialty profession that is already very familiar with the platform. They should take a lesson from the iTunes store and switch to a pay-per-use pricing strategy.
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    Introducing iSupport
  • I wouldnt mind a slight price increase if they upped the kbps to something like 192 (as opposed to 128). They can set up the price structure based on sound quality and get more money that way. Some bands I buy on CD just because of the sound quality when compared to 128.
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    Note to the Recording Industry: The iPod is not Mtv
  • Apple has really screwed up with the offering of the colors. By this I mean the ratio of black to white. The black ipods are selling better than the white ones and there's only one black one for like every 5 to 8 white ones.
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    What Are Your Thoughts New iPod
  • To macinfan: You're a point. Apple is not in the phone market. It is in the mp3 player market, and as phones become more and more capable of playing music Apple will be forced to compete with them, at least as far as the music playing part goes. Therefore, this venture with Motorola is very important (It's not apple's phone but they did make it compatible with their software), and that's why it and other plausible options for Apple are getting so much press.
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    The Apple Phone Roadmap
  • "3 Runner Up Prizes 5 runner ups will get a signed copy of Hadley Stern’s iPod and iTunes Hacks. Filled with 100 hacks and tricks to get everything out of your iPod experience." So which is it? 3 or 5?
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    Win A Mac mini and a miniStack
  • In reference to my comment that most mac users don't know that there aren't any viruses for the mac I don't have any statistical survey that would show this (although I must say it would be pretty hard core of me if I did). I know quite a few people that use/have macs. Most of these (since they are not "techies") are not aware that there are ZERO viruses for the mac. A lot of recent switchers are not aware of this, because they choose macs for other reasons (take your pick). My comment was in reference to these people. I don't see how you could be exposed to the no-virus information unless you visited mac sites like this one. Nevertheless, the Mac platform probably has a much higher percentage of tech-savy people than Windows because it is a smaller player and thus tends to attract those who know computers. Therefore, perhaps "most" should be changed to "some". Next time I'll try to be more selective in my choice of words :)
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    Your Mac Has a Virus
  • "alexpasch: Do you have any facts to support that information" Besides what hitchhiker said I read an article on back in March that dealt with this very topic. The author wanted to confirm this often quoted fact. He called the Mac product manager at a major security software company and asked him straight up if they knew of any virus for the mac. He said no. He then follows up with a call to Apple and they also confirm it. If the people that make the actual antivirus say there is not a single virus for the mac at the moment, I'd believe them. (And I haven't heard of any virus coming out since March so there you go).,1895,1777202,00.asp That's the link to the article.
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    Your Mac Has a Virus
  • Most people, other than those that already have macs (and a lot of them don't know either), aren't aware that the mac is completely virus free. Sure they may think that there are less viruses than for windows, but few know that there are actually ZERO. This is evidenced by the fact that antivirus packages still sell relatively well for OS X (otherwise why make them at all?). Therefore, a mac virus, even a very "deadly" one, would do very little harm to the actual company (in the sense that it would be expected). Mac users would either install the patch or get an antivirus package. It's not like there would be a massive switch to Windows or Linux from OS X. Nevertheless, it would mean a reasonable amount of bad press for Mac, and would probably stem the tide of switchers to some degree (depending on the severity of the virus and how widespread it is).
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    Your Mac Has a Virus
  • "(and for what it’s worth, I believe we’re just a short time away from hearing the first major music release composed and recorded entirely on GarageBand, it’ll happen - it’s just a matter of time - and suddenly Apple will push that many more units)" According to Guitar World, former Korn guitarist Brian Welch is currently recording an album solely with Garageband..."to show kids that you don't need million dollar studios to be creative". Also, about point 3 in dickrichards2000's comment, I already use the iTMS and it's new releases rss feed to browse for music I haven't heard about. Thanks to the 30 second preview on the store, I find it really efficient to hear a bunch of bands. Anytime you like a band you can look at what other people buy from other bands and there are also the lists of recommendations put together by others. I find it gives you more freedom than just waiting for advertising from the typical sources. So far the iTMS is a convenient place to not only buy music, but find it as well.
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    Could Apple Be The Next Sony?
  • I agree with Jason...where is the bluetooth version???? I have way to many cables on my desk (music equipment, etc). I've always wanted a multi-button mouse from apple but I also wanted it wireless. I also thought that if apple ever did come out with a multi-button mouse that they would have a wireless version. Why they don't is beyond me. Guess I'll just have to wait for "ultimate mouse" or "mega-mighty mouse".
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    Apple Introduces Mighty Mouse
  • This topic has been getting more press than it used to. Not too long ago everyone assumed Apple would die (sooner rather than later). Today, if you find any stories predicting the death of an OS, it is Windows. That in it of itself to me signifies the change in attitude of the market. Windows is developing Vista while Apple is switching to Intel. Most of the press regarding Vista has to do with its delays, failings, and lack of new features. Most of the press regarding Apple's switch to Intel instead has to do with what can be done and the myriad of possiblities and paths that can be taken. Windows can't do what it should because of its desire to be backwards compatible with previous OS's. Apple does not have this limitation and has a lot more leeway in planning what it wants to do, so supposing it plays its cards right, it should be able to gain more market share on Windows, although just how much remains to be seen. There is thus nothing but positive press with regards to Apple, as analysts fantasize about what the future of computing will be. If Apple is able to deliver and the good press continues and market share rises, this will only lead to more good press and good word-of-mouth that will inevitably lead to more sales, with the cycle only continuing until Apple screws up (or MSFT delivers something amazing). Apple has done a lot of things right in the past few years, and I doubt they will screw up something as crucial as a switch to Intel. On the other hand, there are so many people that just don't care enough about computers to get themselves the better OS (much less learn it), so unfortunately Windows will almost certainly stay the dominant player, at least for the next few years.
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    Can Apple Put a Hurting On Microsoft?