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  • Nov 10, 2006
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  • As the only Apple offering that allows users to get inside and add additional expansion devices, hard drives, kitchen sinks, etc., I am hoping that the size stays the same. Compared to the previous generations QuickSilver design (much more bulbous), I feel the "cheese-grater" design is much more appealing and adheres more Apples contemporary industrial/minimalist/modernist design. Lets face it, the PowerMac G5 tower looks like no other machine out there - so let's all hope that they don't go backwards and design an enclosure that looks like regular PCs by using - dare I say it - plastic. The Performa, was a cool enclosure, but that harkens back to the mysterious product line up days when Apple offered a bazillion models, which were all very similar. I think if a user is looking for a small form factor, they really should consider an iMac.
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    Apple's Next Pro Mac