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  • Sep 16, 2005
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  • I haven't even bothered yet to read the other comments. I imagine many of them, from sensible people, will already have covered my two cents. I registered out of shock over this article. Can the writer actually be serious? Why in the H would you want a small computer with a thousand things plugged into it? Nevermind that the tower is hardly Apple's invention. Nevermind that every other computer hardware manufacturer makes towers. I could keep going with this "Nevermind" motif for hours. Good lord I hope the writer is just being flippant because otherwise he/she is writing for a computer column and seems to have no real grasp of the various roles a tower computer has played in the past and continues to play in the real world. I have a G3 B & W that has been upgraded to pretty respectable performance by today's standards THANKS to the fact it's a TOWER. I have a G3 iBook that is technically newer than the B & W, but is and forever will be stuck in 1999 performance, because it is only expandable with externals options. Good lord dude, are you really that out of touch? In the future we won't have central heating or air since we could just put pint-size AC or heating units spaced out every five feet in our homes. THAT'S how stupid this article is.
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    Apple Towers: Heading for the Long Goodbye