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  • May 15, 2007
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  • There are 3 factors at work here: 1. Stinginess EXPECTING to get something for free when you've already paid for its predecessor at a STEEP discount is just plain being cheap. There are all sorts of parallels that could be used; not the least of which is all the uproar that ensued from when Apple dropped the price of the iPhone soon after all the early adopters paid a premium for it. The lesson learned was: GET OVER IT 2. Inexperience The Internet Experience is rife with boatloads of newbies who think they deserve the red carpet treatment for shelling out $29. The fact is that all software developers WANT REPEAT BUSINESS. They're not out to give away anything. It's a whole lot easier to sell a newer version to veteran customers than dig up new customers, so why not give them a discount for product loyalty? Adobe does this when you buy into Photoshop. The $649 CS3 program you buy will be the $199 upgrade version the next time around. The people who buy in, are very happy to buy the upgrade versions down the line... 3. Selfishness The Internet is the land of "ME ME ME!" Why should someone pay for anything they need when they can download all the things they want for free. A group of dedicated people worked extremely hard to create a software program that tens of thousands of people use. Why shouldn't they get paid a modest $15 for an upgrade? The old saying "Pennywise and pound foolish" has never been more appropriate.
  • Let the idiot masses rot in their own ignorance... Trying to convert stubborn WIndows users to buy and use a Mac is like trying to "win" back an old girlfriend after she's had 3 or 4 new men in her life. She still knows your number, but the only she'll call is to help bail her out of another domestic dispute... No. There is a point where stupidity should be left to its own devices and those diehard Windows lovers are more than welcome to spend $$$ on malware|spyware|AVWare add-ons for whatever version of Windows that is months late and outdated by the time it does hit the street... The only thing to tell someone when you talk about buying a Mac is "3-year extended warranty". The rest is all obvious.
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