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  • Nov 02, 2007
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  • Here's the difference between a "killer solution" like iPhone/iChat and the iPod/iTunes comboware: This time Apple simply doesn't make it available to Windows users. Or it at least delays long enough to ascertain what kind of pull the iPhone has before letting it loose. (In the case of iPod, Apple was quickly prepared to go with a Windows version.) And so what if it doesn't work out. What's to lose? Maybe it simply succeeds as did the iPod and pays the bills for the next five to ten years. Maybe it's the third comboware winner, a game device, that finally turns the tide.
  • What I read that I agree with is that the killer app is comboware, both software and hardware. With iPod/iTunes, Apple is selling a (partial) solution to a big problem: How to get tunes by anyone easily, cheaply, and even legally. Even Apple's partial solution makes big buck. Call it the eighty percent solution. That said, the next big problem is telecommunications: How to converse with anyone, anywhere, easily, cheaply, visually, and legally. Yep, it's the iPhone/IChat/.Mac solution: Wireless voip. Can't wait.
  • I look back to the first days of office app integration, when we could finally embed a spreadsheet within a text document. Great stuff! So my answer to the killer app question is one akin to hypercard, which integrated everything‚ÄĒdatabase, presentation, calculation, and text. An all in one app. Imagine an app that would allow you to do text/image/audio presentations and "report" out segments as you need them. And then imagine that it would export either to iWeb or to the iPod. MMMM. Good!