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  • Nov 29, 2006
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  • I have to say that I find the raving about the tabs in Firefox 2 a bit puzzling, especially among those who have used Safari--or even anyone who used Tab Mix Plus with Firefox 1.5. Both of those just seem to work without needing to think. My main beef is with closing tabs and windows. The way Safari handles it makes sense. If there are multiple tabs open, CMD-W closes the tab you're in. If you only have only window open, CMD-W closes the window. It makes sense and is intuitive. But Firefox makes a distinction between the two cases. Not that having a command to close a window is bad--if you have multiple tabs open and want the whole thing closed, it's good to be able to hit one key combination. But if there is only one tab, why would I want to just close the tab but leave the window there? This is especially annoying in sites where new items/links appear in new windows. But perhaps I too am just being nit-picky?
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    Firefox 2.0 - Worth Upgrading Yet?