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  • Oct 05, 2007
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  • "Hello world !" Here is my first visit and post on this website. First of all I'd like to congrat Steven for his great article. Secondly, i'd like to point out rigth now that english isn't my mothertongue so my comments won't be as well written as all of yours. Anyway, I'm a Mac user for nearly a year. I bougth a MacBookPro last november. Indeed, I wanted a portable device, powerfull enougth to use MatLab in proper conditions. Anyway, being an ingineering student, I can understand some point of view saying OS X isn't the best way for proffessional application. But I think that what has been said is to global. It's true for engineer like programs (such as Catia, Matlab and so on) but it isn't true for proffesionnal designing tools such as CS3 suits, movie editing etc etc... Moreover, I think that with a proper MacPro (well, it migth be more expensive than a PC, I don't know) running XP (or Vista) with bootcamp or anyother similar apps you could easily run any 3d software you want. I don't know what you think about that, and I'd be actually interested to know... Anyway, that wasn't the main point of my comment. As I bought my Mac last november, I was extatic about it (and I still am), it's by far the best computer I've ever had. At first, I was afraid of handling a new OS but as it has already been said "it's really easy to use... It works like magic" ;) So I was glad... I was also extatic about being a member of this "Apple community", about how guys in Cupertino were managing stuff and planning new amazing things. But now, with a little more thinking and watching of job's keynotes, I'm feeling anxious and a little bit annoyed with apple's policy. The best exemple of it is, I think, the ringtones things. Well first of all, not being able to put any ringtones you'd want on your iPhone was bugging me, but it was ok. Then, I watched the job's keynote introducing the all-new-merveillous-sensational-innovative Ringtones stuff. And as I was watching, I started to laugth and thaugth "They're f***ing us around here !". And that made me thinking. Then I read a blog article (that I found on digg... I'm a new digg fan lol) of a long time mac user starting to feel like me. The overall thinking was that apple is still a great company making fabulous products but they are slowly getting ahead of issues like monopoly or users begging for 3rd party apps... Anyway, I'm a little concern about the future of Apple and I hope job's and his staff will hear people complains...
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