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  • Aug 04, 2007
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  • I like how Bill used the word "obvious" in describing the systemwide search feature he stole from OS X. Calling a competitors innovation "obvious" still doesn't alter the fact that you stole it, Bill.
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    Memo to Bill Gates: Don’t argue about the Mac
  • I think the little they save today by not filing for patents is going to end up costing them down the road. By not filing for patents, they may be leaving genuine innovations unprotected and giving up their legal rights. In a time of patent infringement suits, everyone is compiling a portfolio of patents as quickly as possible to protect themselves from being sued and to hamper competitors from succeeding. If Apple stops shoring up their patent portfolio, they are going to end up falling behind their competition and could end up in a helpless position if hauled into court one day or if someone decides to copy something they failed to protect.