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  • Aug 08, 2007
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  • Let's get real here. Best Buy is the last place you want to buy something that you did not research yourself first. The only correct information I got from a Best Buy employee is directions to their Rest Rooms. And I've been in quite a few Best Buys. If you're going to sell Apple product in Best Buy, than it better be in it's own section of the store staffed with an Apple trained employee. What Macs I have seen in Best Buy stores are typically on a little shelf no where near other computers where cutomers are looking. These Macs were also dusty and dirty, and either turned off or barely on. BEST BUY WILL GIVE APPLE A BAD NAME!!! So the bottom line is this: 1. If you've research the Mac you want, just buy it from an Apple Store or from 2. If you're not sure what Mac you want, than do your research online and read reviews, than follow # 1 above. 3. If you have no choice but to go to a Retailer to look or buy a Mac, find a CompUSA. Note: I am not a Best Buy hater, just an observer. I do not work for CompUSA. I am tech savy and buy lots of electronic gear.
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    Best Buy and Apple: Friend or Foe?