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  • Well...everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course however let's try to maintain some accuracy in our assertions; I have no problem with most of tho, tho I don't agree. Most of it. The notion that EDGE data speeds are "dialup" or "near dialup" seems to come from not knowing how fast it is...or not remembering how slow it is. So, here is a reminder: GPRS is dialup speed....around 6K/sec. HSDPA is about 70K a second; this would be ATTs WCDMA "3G" technology. Now what about EDGE, the ubiquitous GSM "High Speed" neetwork that is sooooo inadequate? How "slow" is that? Well, as of yesterday when last I checked, across several different US Points of Data origination...about 30K/sec. See what I did there? I actually hooked up a phone to a computer, on EDGE, and did speed tests! 30K/sec is NOT dialup, or anywhere near it...so you know, keep that in mind as you "hate"... 3G would be nicer, sure, but since we won't be video conferencing, or flashing, or skyping or any of that on iPhone....I dunno... Feel free tho to hate for your other reasons. The i"Phone" is essentially an iPod with phone and some "internet" features...nothing less, but certainly, nothing more...or as JObs himself put it: "An iPod...a phone...an internet device...an iPod...a Phone...an internet device...an iPod...a Phone...an internet device...Are you GETTING it yet?" Apparently, no ;)
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    3 Reasons Why I Hate The iPhone
  • J, Wikipedia is *hardly* authoritative in this regard :) It uses mach message passing techniques for the hardware extraction (mostly for historical reasons), but is in fact built and run monolithic; the userspace "servers" of a true mach system that add the extra level of abstraction do not exist in OSX/xnu. xnu is more like "FreeBSD kernel with mach process/message passing semantics" and is certainly not a microkernel, such as the OSF kernel or the HURD kernel So yeah, let's go with semi-complete ;) -K
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    How Long Will Apple Keep the MACH Microkernel?
  • Nice article. Complete lack of research however. xnu is not a microkernel, hence the entire premise of this article is wrong...with respect to its subject, the MacOS X kernel. -K
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    How Long Will Apple Keep the MACH Microkernel?