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  • Nov 02, 2007
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  • In general, I agree with Benji, there's not much value in this article. I particularly don't appreciate the blatantly teasing nature of the title. Now, to my point: Is it me or does the opening statement make no sense whatsoever? "Leopard is [...] nothing that would excite me to switch to a Mac when compared to Tiger" You are either switching to a Mac (i.e. you're comparing Leopard with a different OS like Windows or Linux) or you're comparing it with Tiger (which means you are ALREADY on a Mac running Tiger). In my mind, the article doesn't even begin to recover after that. Delays: Regardless of Vista delays measured in years and Leopard's in months, it is a moot point now, they're both here. Delays are a result of marketing eagerness and the normal process of software development (things usually take longer than initially planned). When using the software, none of that makes a difference, you're using it now. No "wow": It doesn't matter what Steve Jobs said wherever and whenever, find somebody that didn't hear about Time Machine before (it's not that hard, just look outside your usual circle) and explain it to them. You'll hear the "wow". Do the same with smart folders, quickview, etc., etc. Evo vs. Revo: This ties back to your opening statement. If you're comparing it to Tiger, it's evolutionary. Compared to Windows (any version), it's revolutionary. Again, make up your mind and compare it to one of the two, not both in an obtuse way. The rest of the article, honestly, confused me. In many cases I couldn't figure out if the author was for or against the Leopard feature being discussed, specially in the RSS section. All those paragraphs starting with "But..." are all over the place. The subtitle says "suffering", but later the text says "suffering is good". Then it calls it redundant, and later says "nothing wrong with that". Is that statement sarcastic? I couldn't figure it out, and I don't think it even matters... Tanner, no offense, I think you should recall that article and rewrite it with a clearer focus. It's a good thing it's not written in paper, take advantage of that.
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    Mac OS X Leopard: Just a Pretty Vista Knockoff