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  • Oct 06, 2008
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  • Man, the "iHome" server-client concept sounds awesome. Especially, if I could harness the power of the "server" as needed on clients at home. Then, the clients could go off into the world and function as WebBooks on the road. This is great for those of us with more than 2 or 3 computers, myself included (2 PM G5 with 30", latest 24" iMac, MacBook, 3 iPhones, 2 iPods). But I still think the WebBook is a great standalone idea. No one thought Apple would make a cheapy-iPod, but they did. The Mini was just the cheap version of the Cube (and shared the same marketing problems, despite sharing the same technical achievements). iPhone went from $600 to $200 in one year. No reason the MacBook can't "do the same." Also, the WebBook will be more like an iPhone than a MacBook. If it ties in MobileMe, it could be profitable enough for Apple. Hell, the Mini isn't very profitable overall due to low sales (fact check needed) but it is hanging around. I know I would get one if Apple made one.
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    Apple's iWeb Multimedia Computer?
  • A stripped down, small version of the MacBook Air, very modest processor, tiny SSD, WiFi, Headphone port, Mono-speaker, Universal Connector Port (because you can sync it to your desktop). No HDD, No USB, No CD/DVD. It's basically an iPhone in a MacBook shell. Yes. I said iPhone, because it is also a PHONE (mobile service optional). It is different from an iPhone due to the large screen, full size keyboard, and more powerful processor. It is like the iPhone due to a trackpad that acts like a touch screen, has Mail, Safari, Address Book, etc. The "WebBook" has a stripped version of iLife apps that work mostly with the online MobileMe service, but have basic off-line capabilities. So, I can sit at the coffee shop and check Email, run Safari, listen to my iTunes purchases (music and video), update my Address Book, update my iCal, make phone calls, (Just like I do on my iPhone) update my iWeb, update my MobileMe Gallery, do basic word processing (by tying in the email apps word processing abilities?), Chat, go Back to my Mac and Print (via BTMM or to a shared printer over WiFi). I CAN'T install anything other than the included apps or iTunes Store Apps. I CAN run webapps, like the iPhone. So no Office, Warcraft, Photoshop, DVD's, VMWare, direct-connect printing, etc. Stuff is saved to your iDisk, etc. I don't know the margins on such a machine, but I see it as a few hundred bucks, $400 at the most with a free year of MobileMe to get you started. I guess the savings come from no HDD, basic graphics card, basic processor, no real I/O ports, no removable media drives, small screen, no FW, no Ethernet, no Modem, etc. Like the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, but more Apple-ier.
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    Apple's iWeb Multimedia Computer?