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  • Nov 22, 2005
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  • Video on older iPods? warning: may require esoteric knowledge of the Ways of the Penguin OS. Just got it working on my b/w mini. color, of course, looks better. Chances of Apple enabling this on older iPods: Same as rehiring Woz. Could happen..
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    One More Thing Dissected
  • More fun from the recording industry: A local bar was sued by BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) ..because bands they were hosting did covers. "By using the formulas for calculating licensing fees on BMI’s Web site, the bar now pays approximately $4,200 a year to license music from BMI. The bar will also pay damages and BMI’s legal fees, both of which are confidential under the terms of the settlement, Jerry Bailey (spokesman for BMI ) said. 'They now have access to our entire 6.5 million songs. They can play these songs as much as they want to,' Bailey said." The unofficial word was that had the lawsuit been successful, the bar would have had to close. All this over 13 'incidents' reported by their agent, who likely gets a cut of any violation fees, imo. Methinks that lady suing the RIAA over 'gangland-type coercion' is right on the money, no pun intended. These folks can't grok the digital world, and all they're doing is alienating the audience, and the artists. Eventually all they'll have to manage will be old Lawrence Welk copyrights. What next, quoting song lyrics will require a license..? When the music's over.. turn out the lights.
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    Note to the Recording Industry: The iPod is not Mtv
  • My two cents on the one cent: other cheap goodies- screen shield .01: If you've got a skin on your pod, cut a piece of clear plastic just a bit over the screen size, use packaging (thin) from about anything appropriately flat. Some scotch tape, and with the skin in place, it's invisible. I did this since my skin didn't include lcd screen shielding. Simple, and if it wears out, repeat. a bit more durable than saran wrap, but whatever floats your boat.. Most pocket damage I encounter with the skinned mini is the headphone cord, which leads to: Headphone plug hack .01: Take a old grippy pen grip part, the rubbery thing. Weave the headphone plug through it. The most flexible and weakest part of your headphone cord is now less weak. This trick has kept my 90' angle headphones working for a bit longer..
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    $.01 iPod nano cover