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  • May 08, 2010
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  • The big issue (to me at least) is AT&T;'s me too isn't a me too and it was kinda deceptive. The Verizon ad was speaking of 3G coverage but the AT&T;covers 97% of Americans must mean phone or possible edge. you really can't know because they don't say. (which is odd that there isn't a disclaimer on the bottom) But 97% of Americans cannot get 3G coverage from AT&T;- so that is deceptive. The deception really irks me, but really they should just drop the maps cause they won't win. I love my iphone even without 3g coverage but I hate that I have to pay for 3G Coverage and can't use it so I am paying and hundreds of thousands of Americans (guess) are also giving AT&T;money for nothing. (BTW - that is something Verizon could use so AT&T;better hope that Verizon doesn't find out)
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    AT&T Screwing Up the Ad War
  • "And can run Mac OS X." Uh that would be a No. At least not without a lot of technical and ethical and probably legal issues (not that they would sue 1 person), but you can't just say a Dell can run OS X -without putting in all of the caveats. Some one who doesn't know much about computers is going to waste (or try to waste) a lot of money - thinking Dell now has OS X support -which it doesn't.
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    Proof That Macs Hold Their Value
  • One of the biggest issues I have with the article is a basic error. He said that Tiger was the latest version of OS X. I had to check the date to make sure it was a recent article. Really that is just a stupid error for someone who claims to know enough about Apple/Mac to write about it. BTW, TS was in the wrong (legally and morally)- it published sensitive information (intellectual property) that it had no business having - what gets me tho is those people who violated their NDAs probably also would sell info to competitors.
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    My Take on Leander's Piece AKA Apple Is Evil
  • what about Pages for word processing? Its a good program.
  • I hope no one is thinking that Apple believes making the Iphone a generic name is a good thing. That is the worst thing that could possibly happen to a company (marketing wise)-when the name stops being associated with them. Calling all adhesive bandages - Bandaids, all tissue kleenex and all copies Xerox, portable cassette players "walkmans" has cheapen their brands. (oh and I believe, when brandnames are made generic, their stocks probably go down) Can you imagine how the owners of the companies/trademarks feel when they hear things like. "Mom, these cheap bandaids keep falling off." "This dollar-general walkman is a piece of crap, I need a new one." etc etc etc. I bet they can just see their brand image fallign into the gutter.
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    The iPhone is Great But What About The Rest?
  • doesn't the mighty mouse have a mini trackball and 4 or 5 buttons? seems like a lot for me. BTW, am I the only one that thinks that lately "Apple Matters" is taking every opportunity to bash Apple. Every article seems to have something negative to say - its quite tiring hearing the same old same old.
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    How Many People Actually Use Ergonomic Keyboards?
  • I really hope no one read just this article and didn't check the actual Apple page, because they would have come up with quite a different opinion then what actually is true. They could have thought all (or most of) the video pods sold in September were affected, but none from October. They could have thought that all Apple said was "video Ipods we aren't going to tell you how many had a virus, and its Microsoft's fault that it got it, and you should just live with it, cause we aren't doing anything about it. I am sorry to be rude, but purposefully deleting the 2nd half of the sentence was wrong and shows a deliberate lack of honesty, when it is followed up by "There isn’t a hint of an apology," when in fact saying they were more upset with themselves could be considered a hint (a teeny one) of an apology. There were also some number given - less than 1% of iPods sold since 9/12, and only 25 cases reported. And yeah it isn't precise, but I am not sure they would know the exact number because who knows how many were connected to that one computer. Oh and btw I am not sure arrogant is the word, Snarky is more like it. Apple has always been Snarky about windows - just look at the jibs on the Bootcamp page. They aren't being any different then normal. and yeah it was probably inappropriate, but it was accurate statement. Oh side note - My personal opinion, (I have nothing really to back it up but my imagination) is that the contractor running the computer for testing windows had no experience with anything but linux or mac, and so didn't remember that such a thing as virii and trojans exist, and so wouldn't remember to update the virus definitions.
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    The iPod Virus: Apple Arrogance
  • I want an ebook reader, when they are user (and user's eye) friendly and relatively inexpensive (used a palm for quite awhile), but I think its going to be a while, but its day will come. Me, I love books, and will continue to buy actual books even if I had an ereader. As for the scroll, I saw a demo online somewhere of a computer screen that rolled up.
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    Can a Widescreen iPod Jump Start the eBook Revolution?
  • I would take the PC, so I can go onto Apple.com and order me a Mac which I would then hookup to the internet. Or I would just use the net to call for help, and then get off the island (leaving the windows box) and get back to my Mac. Easy.
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    Could You Disconnect Your Mac?