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  • Jan 11, 2008
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  • d - your vision of 'iJesture' looks very impressive to me. Now I am starting to understand for the first time what it means to get sucked into Steve sponsored expectations game. If it can be so exciting(wrecking - in fact I couldn't sleep well yesterday thinking about what may be coming) for a consumer like me who got into it just a couple of months ago via iPhone, how nervous should it be for compititors like RIM, DELL, Verizon, Microsoft?
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    What to Expect from MacWorld 2008
  • First time I am posting on MAC site, I bought my iPhone recently. My guess among other things Apple will release - NOTEBOOK 'TOUCH' (not touch screen) but with complete touch only 'keyboard'. Features like 1. No physical keys (exceptions) 2. Power button 3. Home key (will display keyboard touch) 4. The touch keys will 'raise/separate' a bit, feel,sound a bit similar to normal physical keys while appear highlighted diplaying letters or numbers or charecters as necessary. 5. There will be more sophestication than I can imagine here to the key board. 6. Obviously therefore there will be 'no mouse' necessary. 7. Of course will be very thin. 8. NAND memory for storage. 9. Other minor things like Aluminum etc 10. High potential using it for new breed of 'touch' games (though this may come later).
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    What to Expect from MacWorld 2008