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  • I certainly agree with the last tip. After 1000 pro-Apple articles, I wrote one article recently criticizing a perceived glitch with the iTunes store's redownloading policy, and you would not believe the number of people who rushed to defend Apple. I think most people did not even read the article, just a blurb on Digg and the headline ad thought I was bashing Apple because I failed to backup my purchased music. Perhaps it is poor communication skills on my part, but I still think if people realized what the article was actually about, they would agree that a few small fixes could help make the iTunes store even better. Sometimes it is hard to even offer constructive criticism in the Apple community.
  • I love this article. I contemplated writing a similar piece, but was just too lazy to do all the leg work. Great job. One suggestion I would give (again, I am too lazy to do this myself), but out of all of Think Secret's "accurate" predictions, go back and compare then to AppleInsider's predictions. Now, check the Dates. AppleInsider pretty much predicts everything at least 1 or more days BEFORE ThinkSecret, and usually gets it right. Think Secret seems to take AI's predictions, add of change a detail (usually wrong) and then make their bold prediction. I do not doubt Think Secret at one point HAD an inside source close to Apple, but I feel they have lost that source in the last 16 months or so, and are pretty much guessing at this point. We occasionally post rumors on our site as well, and almost all have turned out to be false (I'll save you the rouble of doing any research!). We usually write that we suspect we are being dicked around with, but we write that we are publishing them anyway because hey, you never know ( I think the only rumor that ever turned out to be legit was a tip on the Nike Apple thing about 7 days before they announced it). But Think Secret presents info as if they have a real source. I think that is the problem. Almost all Mac-related sites get random anonymous e-mails making predictions. Because of Think Secret's track record a few years back, they still have "street cred" in the Mac community, but honestly, if you are into rumor mongering, Apple Insider has been really accurate lately (at least that is the impression I get. I would love to see a piece on them next!) Thanks again for doing some actual research and leg work. -The Doc macenstein.com
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    How Accurate is Think Secret?