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  • Oct 18, 2007
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  • Nikos, I'm ordering a mini the day they release one with OSX 10.5 on it. My only reseveration was the graphics chip. No self-respecting PC gamer would have an Intel graphics chip in their rig, (although most won't be seen without a Core2 processor now ;)), but I wasn't getting the mini to play games. It is destined be a media center with an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid and I'm looking forward to exploring Garageband and the rest of iLife. Because this will be my first Mac since 1988 (Macintosh II - System 7) :) I'm pretty excited about it and if what you tell me is true, I can't wait to run Bootcamp through its paces with a few games! Cheers! Thanks for the info! Wasn't the mini blessed with an Ati GPU once upon a time?
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    Will the Mac mini Get nano-ed?
  • Mac Mini is almost perfect the way it is. All it needs is a little more 3D graphics power and you'd be able to sit back and watch those Windows users switch! If Apple did beef up the graphics processor on the Mini and attracted the attention of game developers you could kiss the PS3 and X-Box goodbye. There's a market out there full of confused consumers trying to pick PS3 or Wii or X-Box and I reckon a Mini with an ATI GPU would slot right in!
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    Will the Mac mini Get nano-ed?
  • Vista is rubbish. I too am a Windows user since before Windows95 and haven't owned a Mac since my Macintosh II in 1988. Since then I have been a PC hardware junkie and hard-core gamer with regular upgrades to bleeding-edge graphics cards and processors and whatever the latest OS was that Microsoft had to offer. I forked out an extrordinary amount of cash for Vista Ultimate Edition within a week of it being released. It was touted to be the answer to all my x64 problems and was going to be the easiest, prettiest, most stable and most secure OS ever from Microsoft. It lasted for two weeks before I took it off my main computer and went back to XP. No decent driver support, annoying user access control, freezes and crashes - when my activation failed due to my Internet connection dropping out I was presented with a "customer support" link from Microsoft that practically accused me of piracy! The day Leopard is released is the day I order a new Mac! And please, people, give the "Apple is behaves just like Microsoft" and "Apple are a monoploy too" arguments a rest. That doesn't excuse Microsoft for making poor quality products with massive price tags. The fact is that however they run their businesses, Apple simply make top-quality products and provide top-notch service.
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    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch