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  • Dec 02, 2005
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  • However, if it were not for the Laserwriter and WYSIWYG capabilities, during this decade without Steve Jobs' vision and constant strive for innovation, Apple might not have survived the hiatus, up until his return, in late 1996. Innovation alone, without leadership to implement it, will not make a company successful.
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    March 3, 1985: LaserWriter Launched
  • There are a multitude of reasons why Apple signed with Intel instead of AMD - reasons which shall be revealed as new cutting edge technologies are introduced; including 20 mile WiFi, virtualization, much lower energy consumption, Perhaps the most important factor being that Intel is far more capable of keeping up with high volume production than AMD is at this time, and for a much better price. With inPhase's development of Holographic Storage far ahead of schedule, we will be seeing 300G -> Terabyte of storage on a single disk by mid 2006 - Far exceeding what Blu Ray will be capable of handling. Good times are ahead indeed!!
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    The Intel iMacs Won't Have A Disk Drive