Win an iPod Shuffle

by Chris Seibold Oct 16, 2006

When spin master Steve Jobs started revealing new iPods there was palpable dissapointment. No widescreen job for movies? The nanos are suddenly retro minis with an extra touch of ugly mixed in? Then came the shuffle. Suddenly the most clunky of the iPod family became the most desirable

You want an iPod shuffle. You want the solid-state goodness, the postage stamp size, the 1 GB of storage. The thing stores more songs than you’ll ever listen to at one sitting and updates in a breeze. The iPod shuffle is the iPod that really encapsulates the goal of the iPod, a purposely simple but ever so useful music listening device.

On the other hand, you don’t want to pay money for one so here’s your chance to get a free shuffle. How do you win? Simple, read SpinMatters and leave a comment. Every comment on articles posted after 10/16/06 counts as an entry. If you’re registered at AppleMatters or Maccitt you are registered here. There is no subjective judgment when it comes to the comments. “This sucks” counts just as much as a carefully argued, well-supported essay. On the other hand, a really great essay will win you a lot of style points and complete strangers will think highly of you. At this point, you’re thinking: “SpinMatters how can I increase my chances of winning an iPod shuffle?” Glad you asked, err thought that. While every comment counts, comments in the form of a Haiku count double.

For example:

Politics sucks

nets you one entry.

Put it in the form of a Haiku, like so:

Viewed without principles
It must be Tuesday

Counts as two entries. It doesn’t have to be good haiku, it just has to generally follow the 5, 7, 5 thing.

When will the winner be chosen? When the iPod ships (it is on order, engraved with the SpinMatters URL) or on October 31st (whichever comes first). So, get your game on and win an iPod!

Insert legal stuff here:
Everyone but the following people are eligible: Todd Long, Members of the Seibold family, everyone in the Apple Matters cabal.

SpinMatters decides the final winner through a random drawing and all decisions are final.

Should the winner of the iPod shuffle be unable to fulfill his or her duties a new winner capable of actually accepting a new iPod shuffle will be chosen.

The winner will also allow SpinMatters to post their name so everyone else won’t think we’re just pretending to give away stuff. In fact, a snap of the winner with the shuffle would be pretty cool.


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  • Very nice article. Thanks for taking the time to write it down. Keep up the good work!!

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