October 28, 1991: Apple Monitors Break the 20 Inch Barrier

by Chris Seibold Oct 28, 2010

Apple knew that when it comes to monitors the bigger the better. One of the company's earliest efforts to grab the big monitor market (and the requisite jumbo-sized profits) was the Macintosh 21 inch color monitor. A veritable behemoth at 80 lbs, the 21 appelation hid the true viewable size of 19 inches (1152x870 at 75Hz)

Apple introduced the mega (for Apple) monitor at a staggering $4599 this month in 1991.


  • did it sell or make a profit?

    Graham had this to say on Oct 28, 2006 Posts: 24
  • LOL, I’ve seen a couple in that range, but they probably were long after the initual launch. 

    Even loosing money on a project like that can lead to profits in the next couple releases of similar products.  It’s clear they make a profit these days. 

    I’m not sure, but they may even have made the first monitor to require teh Dual Link DVI when they release that really high rez 30” LCD monitor.


    IamWm had this to say on Oct 28, 2006 Posts: 24
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