October 22, 2002: OS X Free for Teachers

by Chris Seibold Oct 22, 2010

To foster the move by schools and educators to OS X Apple decided to do something very unApple like, give away free copies.

The move was explained thusly by VP John Couch:

"Getting Jaguar and a training CD for free makes it easy for teachers to move to Mac OS X, so they can spend more time using technology in the classroom and less time making it all work. Apple has delivered innovative products to teachers and schools for over 25 years, and Mac OS X is our best ever."

Teachers and other education pros could get their Jaguar on for free beginning this week in 2002.


  • My intro to Apple was at school.  It brings back warm fuzzy memories…

    No, I’m not going to share them here :-|

    I hope they continue this policy going forward.  Macs are like Crack… once you get significat taste… you’ll always want more. 

    And the next OS X has Time Machine!  The world has never known a backup solution that good, not trying to take away anything from MS Server 2003 and Shadow Copy, but Time Machine works on a single machine and is double the improvement over historic backups.  Finally a backup solution my Ma & Pa customers can handle, and one my CEO types will love too.  I couldn’t ask for anything better at this time (except eSATA on Macbooks for faster backup options, but PC makers don’t have that either).


    IamWm had this to say on Oct 22, 2006 Posts: 24
  • I take it back, I could ask that Apple extend Spotlight and Time Machine to work with Windows files in Parallels wink


    IamWm had this to say on Oct 22, 2006 Posts: 24
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