November 8, 1997: Apple Online Store Debuts

by Chris Seibold Nov 08, 2010

An online presence is considered a necessity today, but in years past it was something revolutionary.

Apple wasn't ahead in the online store game. In the era before mall-based Apple retail stores, consumers were at the mercy of resellers. The situation made customization difficult and selection very troublesome at all but the best Apple resellers (and there were some outstanding resellers).

The era of buying direct from Apple's web site got underway this week in 1997.


  • there are also some appalling resellers. anyone in cork, ireland should avoid ATMac on Penrose Wharf if they want to go via a reseller rather than directly through Apple. Walking into their store is like walking into 1996. Dust everywhere, crappy peripherals, out of date iPods and Macs on display, rude staff who don’t know what they’re talking about and poor service.
    On the other hand, if you deal with Stream Solutions near the Sarsfield Roundabout, you’re in good hands. Those guys are gents, through and through, and probably the most knowledgeable resellers I’ve come across yet.

    eiscir had this to say on Nov 08, 2006 Posts: 23
  • PS, I don’t work for Stream!

    eiscir had this to say on Nov 08, 2006 Posts: 23
  • There are some appalling resellers in my area too. I tried to avoid dealing with them by purchasing from Apple online but I have to say the online service is terrible from Australia, I can’t even seem to actually manage to purchase a product. I put my order through online 3 weeks ago and still nothing but an order number (which doesn’t seem to be progressing in status!) Yikes! The customer service people from Apple are no help, (they aren’t even based in the same country as me!) they just keep refering me back to the original apple rep. Emails and phone calls just aren’t getting me any where, I’d just bite the bullet and buy from a reseller, but I’m worried the order will go through and I’ll end up paying for it. I wish I had an apple store nearby!

    Bel had this to say on Nov 11, 2010 Posts: 1
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