May 23, 2005: Rumors Surface of Something Starting with Capital “I”

by Chris Seibold May 23, 2011

Little "i" was a well-known part of the overall Apple product paradigm. Everything from Steve Jobs' title after Amelio had been ousted (iCEO) to the iPod started with the letter that first supposedly stood for "interim," later stood for "internet," and finally just meant "designed by Apple."

Rumors had started to swirl that something big was coming out of Cupertino, something that started with a capital instead of a lower case "i." That something was a switch from Motorola and IBM manufactured processors to chips made by Apple’s one-time hated foe: Intel.

Users were aghast at the notion and came up with a million reasons why Apple would never possibly make the switch. Apple had other ideas. Desiring improved laptops among other things they were determined to go with the maker of chips they once so famously derided in their Bunny ad series. Word began to leak out that Apple was switching to Intel Inside in late May of 2005.


  • ....think it’s not a bad move after all!

    wackybit had this to say on May 23, 2006 Posts: 16
  • After Apple completes the initial transition to Intel, I’d like to see them become processor independant, using whatever suits a particular product.  They could use some future PPC or AMD chip if it made sense in a particular product.  The super low power PPC offshoot could be useful in a sub notebook for example.

    - gws

    gwschreyer had this to say on May 23, 2006 Posts: 23
  • Today you guys did a podcast entitled: “Rumors Surface of Something Starting with Capital “I” (you were meaning intel) but “intel” starts with a small “i” too ??

    Ireland had this to say on May 23, 2006 Posts: 11
  • Intel’s logo is a small “i” deal but Intel starts with large “I.” Intel, when Intel writes it, is written Intel. Contrast with the iApps and iPod which are always small “i”

    Chris Seibold had this to say on May 23, 2006 Posts: 354
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