May 21, 2001: Apple Starts Selling Only LCD Monitors

by Chris Seibold May 21, 2011

With the introduction of the sunflower G4-based iMac it was obvious that Apple was heading away from clunky CRT monitors and towards flat panel goodness. Still, few expected Apple to completely eschew the bulbous CRT in their monitor line due to the still relatively high prices of LCD screens.

Doing the unexpected is one of Apple's specialties. When Apple introduced a 17 inch LCD screen to complement the existing 15 and 22 inch flat panels, there was suddenly a noticeable lack of any CRT options. No CRT options also meant no low cost choices: The least expensive Apple monitor was the 15 incher that still commanded a whopping $599.

Apple dismissed the CRT, and low cost options, from its monitor lineup on May 21, 2001.


  • Why do you people always have the date wrong?  The ‘sunflower’ iMacs as you call them were introduced in 2002.

    appleiscool had this to say on May 23, 2006 Posts: 10
  • This story refers to the monitors that Apple made and shipped with its machines, not the iMac line, etc. As for having the date always wrong we are prong to mistakes every now and again, and welcome our readers correcting us, but I think “always” is a bit of an exageration!!

    Hadley Stern had this to say on May 23, 2006 Posts: 114
  • Yes, but the introduction of the “Sunflower iMacs” sets up context for the rest of the article and therefore doesn’t really make sense, since those iMacs were introduced the following year.

    I like this site in general, but the first poster is not the only one to have noticed incorrect dates in some of the articles here. More aggressive fact-checking would help overall credibility.

    MarkSF had this to say on May 21, 2007 Posts: 14
  • A bit ironic then that the 8-bit vs. 6-bit scandal comes to light on the aniverserary of the switch.

    simo66 had this to say on May 21, 2007 Posts: 78
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