I love my PSP more than my iPod

by Gregory Ng Jul 06, 2005

I have said many times before on these pages of Apple Matters that I consider my iPod the most beautiful thing I own. Well I am here to tell you, despite my love and dedication to all things Apple, that my iPod has been unseated from the once untouchable title.

Now what could possibly replace my iPod? My PSP. Ever since I laid eyes on it, I knew I wanted one. Ever since I got one, I knew I could never let it go.

I knew Sony wanted to compete with the Game Boys of the world, but I always thought they would release a cheap, cartridge-based, low-bit, substitute and slap the PS name on it.

Never in a million years did I think I would, in my ripe old age of 30, lust after a video game system. I spend all morning on the train playing it. I spend all day at work thinking about it. I spend the whole train ride home playing it. I spend the entire dinnertime thinking about it. And then I spend the whole evening playing it.

Despite it’s photo, music, and movie capabilities, I only use it for gaming. Don’t get me wrong: the movies look awesome, the photos are cool to have on you, and the music is adequate. But for me its just games.

I still use my iPod daily. I will never listen to music on the go without it. So how does the PSP replace the iPod on my list?

Well here’s my official reason:
Sony did what I didn’t think was possible: they took a dedicated (and highly opinionated) fanbase used to a standardized controller configuration and packaged it as a relevant and portable gaming solution. Sony then threw in the music, movie, and photo features as an added bonus. They used the various movie companies they own to promote new releases in DVD and PSP (UMD) formats. They provided a battery that gives me 5+ hours on every charge and better yet, they made the battery replaceable. They used an existing memory card format that is small and versatile enough to use in many Sony branded cameras. (conveniently, the USB cables from most Sony cameras also work with the PSP) They gave it wireless functionality for greater entertainment value in network gaming. And they made sure there were enough quality games out in the market at the release date.

In a nutshell: buy a PSP and you instantly enter a vast universe of games, movies, and peripherals.

This is not an Apple Matters endorsed petition for Apple to get in the gaming world. But the success of the PSP can teach many a thing to Jobs and Co. In a word: movies. Not movies in UMD format that you buy at the store. Rather movies in Quicktime HD format that you download from the ITMS. Come on, you knew it had to come one day. Why else would Apple being putting movie trailers on the ITMS?

The proven business plan is in place, the licensing and DRM is in use (Granted not fool-proof but certainly better than selling DVDs.), and the purchasing process is a well-oiled machine.

I propose a bigger iPod. With a 16:9 Widescreen ratio color screen. WIth a 5+ hour replaceable battery. With optional wireless subscription service much like a NetFlix Portable. If the first wave iPods only did music. And the second wave models did music and photos. It’s now time for the 3rd wave to incorporate movies. Good idea?

Oh one more thing. But the new iPod and get The Incredibles preloaded. If you got cross-promotion possibilities: use them.


  • I like my PSP more than my iPod too. Only use it for gaming.

    iPod movie seems likely. iTunes Movie Store sounds weird though. Should be the next iMovie contain a movie store?

    donovan had this to say on Jul 06, 2005 Posts: 19
  • iFlicks Movie Store anybody?

    johnnyk1291 had this to say on Jul 07, 2005 Posts: 3
  • So basically what you’re saying then, if I read this correctly….  Your PSP actually HASN’T replaced your iPod as the iPod really only plays music and that’s still what you use it for, rather than your PSP?

    PSP is neat.  It has a great screen.  Spider-Man 2 looked really good on it.  Unfortunately the only place I’d even watch a movie ‘on the go’ is on an airplane and Spider-Man 2 looks even better on a 17” Widescreen laptop.  I have 3 different portable video devices in my possesion right now, Creative Zen Media Center, Archos, and PSP - and I honestly use none of them to watch video on the go.  Perhaps Apple will eventually pull a rabbit out of a hat and make a video enabled iPod that has the mass appeal the original has had, but consider this:

    You can’t watch video while jogging, while driving, while bike-riding, or while walking down the street (well, you could but you shouldn’t).  If you drive a car then you aren’t going to use a video player while commuting at all, save for air travel.  So then where is the ‘must have’ use in such an item?  Granted, I’ve taken the portable video plunge 3 times now - so I WANT this idea to work, I just find very very few occasions where I need to watch a video away from either a TV or computer.  When I do, it’s usually to watch late-breaking news, something that none of the current players are capable of.  When wifi broadband is literally everywhere, this could change.

    dickrichards2000 had this to say on Jul 08, 2005 Posts: 112
  • I like my psp a lot but I also like the I-phone. I don’t necessarily see a reason to choose one or the other but you bring up valid points. As far as making a choice I’ve always been into gaming so I’ll pick psp any day of the week..but I-phone has a good platform and might make games…

    Hank3 had this to say on Feb 07, 2008 Posts: 1
  • I absolutely agree with you Gregory .......
    iPod only connects into our hearing senses while leave our eyes unattended.

    We can watch movie withPSP, browse the internet, listen to MP3, hack it into an ebook reader, much much more versatile than iPod

    Bali_Sunset had this to say on Feb 13, 2008 Posts: 1
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