Farewell, Apple Matters

by Tanner Godarzi Mar 31, 2008

For the last year I have contributed to Apple Matters and have enjoyed every post of it. But, I will be leaving and would like to say goodbye to the staff and all of the readers who have followed Apple Matters.

The choice is a personal decision I’ve been contemplating for a while now, not a knock against Hadley or the staff, as my time here has been totally awesome.
I’ve had a great time at Apple Matters as well as iPhone Matters; it has allowed me to focus on my passion for blogging and all things Apple, which has extended farther than it would have had I done this all on my own. That is why I am very grateful for the opportunity Hadley has given me.

But I will be moving on to a secret project and no, I can’t divulge anything other than it’s secret and tied to what I love doing. There is a possibility that you’ll be hearing about it through word of mouth when it launches. This will be my final post to Apple Matters and iPhone Matters, I wish everyone the best and hope that you pick up Chris’s book, “The Big Book of Apple Hacks,” haven’t you heard of it?


  • All the best, Tanner. Have really enjoyed your work. Look forward to hearing more about this mysterious project.

    Chris Howard had this to say on Mar 31, 2008 Posts: 1209
  • That book from Chris S. or H.? Either way, it would be a great piece. Those guys can write good Mac stuff. Is it on Amazon yet?

    Tanner, wish you good fortunes on your “secret” project. Feel free to give us a whiff when it is launched for consumption by Mac soldiers at AM forum. C-Ja! wink

    Robomac had this to say on Mar 31, 2008 Posts: 846
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