Corker leading Republican Strategy?

by Chris Seibold Oct 23, 2006

Last Friday SpinMatters had a pretty good time deconstructing a piece of campain literature from the Bob Corker for Senate campaign. Eagle eyed reader Beeblebrox dug up a gem of a video wherein Bob Corker firsts opines that we should stay the course and then… you guessed it… denies that he ever said it. Funny, funny stuff. Sure it is typical campaign stuff, politicians talk so much and are taped so often that this kind of thing is inevitable but that doesn’t make it less amusing. Take a look for yourself:

Thing is, Bob Corker has recently opened a lead on Harold Ford in the race for Tennessee’s open Senate seat. Savvy politicos and handlers watch every race to get an idea of what is working and what isn’t. Thus, it seems probable, that somewhere deep inside the bowels of the White House one of Bush’s handlers saw the change in the poll numbers in Tennessee and credited the swing to Corker’s denial. Thinking quickly, said staffer decided that the best way to get a few more Americans on your side was to simply deny you had ever said “Stay the course.” Sure, it is a blatant lie and goes against everything we’ve been hearing for the past few years but sanity has no place in politics, perception is reality. So here we go:


Which leaves us with the question: Is Bob Corker the best example Bush could find to follow?

In other news “Stay the course” is right out, “Complete the mission” is in.

Hey, wait a minute this thing is about over! The mission is, of course, complete when the goals of said mission are accomplished. In fact, it is easy to say that in this context “complete” and “accomplished” are actually two ways of saying the same thing. And we all know that the mission in Iraq is indeed… well you decide…


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  • Complete the Mission is certainly better than the dismal “Adapt to win” pushed by RNC head Ken “No one ever said ‘stay the course’ Mellman.

    I only wish these douches would spend half as much time coming up with an exit strategy in Iraq as they do coming up with cute but meaningless catch phrases, like “cut-and-run” or “we don’t need no stinkin’ Geneva Conventions.”

    Beeblebrox had this to say on Oct 24, 2006 Posts: 2220
  • I never slept with that woman, Ms. Stay deCourse.

    sensical had this to say on Oct 24, 2006 Posts: 4
  • “Complete the mission”
    “wouldn’t be prudent” policy.
    Stick with giveaways.

    CapnVan had this to say on Oct 24, 2006 Posts: 68
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