August 31, 2004: the iMac G5 Appears (Finally)

by Chris Seibold Aug 31, 2009

Jonathan Ives' first design for the G4 iMac featured an LCD screen with the necessary components tucked behind the display. Steve Jobs was not happy with the design, telling the master designer Ives that:

"Each element has to be true to itself. Why have a flat display if you're going to glom all this stuff on the back? Why stand a computer on its side when it really wants to be horizontal and on the ground. Let each element be true to itself"

What was initially rejected by Steve was later embraced when the G5 iMac was introduced. The machine was an all in one with the components tucked behind the flat screen. Whether the design let the machine be true to itself seemed irrelevant as Mac fans and the media gushed over the new design when the G5 iMac was officially introduced on August 31, 2004.


  • I wish we could see the first design of the G4 iMac. I wonder if it was exactly the same as the G5 iMac?

    mynameisjesse had this to say on Sep 01, 2006 Posts: 12
  • And roughly a year later, they abandoned IBM/Moto. for Intel. What a smart move!

    mitchell_pgh had this to say on Aug 31, 2007 Posts: 18
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