August 27, 2002: Gateway Targets the iMac

by Chris Seibold Aug 27, 2010

Gateway is a minor player in the computing arena now, but at one time the company was a force to be reckoned with. Before the ill-fated Gateway brick and mortar stores many PC purchasers were greeted with the once familiar "It's sunny and 73 in South Dakota," when buying a PC.

Business for the one-time behemoth were getting rough. Unable to successfully compete with other companies, Gateway opted to go for an iMac derivative campaign with an iMac look-a-like computer. The Gateway Profile was an all-in-one machine with an LCD integrated monitor.

Thinking that they could steal Mac users with specs, Gateway advertised the machine as faster and able to "run thousands more software titles than the Mac." Gateway launched the Mac attack ads on August 27, 2002.


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