August 11, 1955: Steve Wozniak Born

by Chris Seibold Aug 11, 2011

Steve Jobs had the marketing savvy but Steve Wozniak had the technical skills. Interested in technology at an early age Woz, as Steve Wozniak is popularly known, would go on to design the Apple I, the Apple II and a very slick, and very popular disk drive. 

Woz's contributions to technology were huge but every bit as interesting are Woz's contributions to society. Woz sponsored to US festivals and later went on to volunteer as a school teacher.

One of the most regular guys in all of he computer revolution was born on August 11, 1950.


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  • Three people were responsible for Apple’s early success: first is Steve Jobs, second is Mike Markkula, and third is Stephen Wozniak.
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  • Steve Wozniak is a great living legend. May God bless him.

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  • What a great piece of history, Steve knew a lot as well but they both had great minds!
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