AAM: Unanswered Questions Part 2

by Aaron Wright Jun 28, 2007

With the WWDC taking headlines a couple of weeks ago AAM took a little break to allow the more nitty gritty stuff, including the iPhone and, of course, Leopard OS X, to take centre stage on Apple Matters.

We’re back this week, but with a couple of unanswered questions that, with a bit of luck, our loyal Apple Matters readers can help solve.

If you know anything about wireless networks, the 512MB iPod Shuffle transferring music to Windows, or even migrating from Mail 2.0 to Thunderbird 2.0, then keep on reading and see if you can solve any of the below problems as submitted by our readers. No prizes will be awarded, unfortunately, but there will be the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone out and, who knows, if you give a good enough answer it could even appear on next week’s Ask Apple Matters.

Happy problem solving!

Question of the Week 1

Wireless network adapter compatibility problems

Question by: Nora

My wireless network pc adapter does not consistently recognize the Airport Network Wireless signal. Is there a wireless network pc adapter that works reliably with the Airport Network?


Is there a Mac wireless network adapter that would be compatible with a PC?

I appreciate any words of wisdom on this matter.

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Question of the Week 2

iPod shuffle 512 MB problems

Question by: kaipjud

I purchased a shuffle online for my mom as a mother’s day gift! It was slightly used but in good condition. I bought all the matching accessories. It came with the earbuds but that’s all, no cd (installation) and missing usb cap. It appeared to be recognized by my pc when I first plugged it in, but when previous username/library came up, I reset it using itunes reset feature so that I could put my mom’s name and my own library of songs on it for her and restore it back to factory settings.

I could see it for a while in iTunes after that but shortly after it would not show in Windows or itunes. It was as if it wasn’t connected to my pc. I took it to my friend’s house and she was ironically able to put a song on it and sync with her pc (she has slightly better pc and may have stronger connection). How can I get it to work on my pc, so that my pc will recognize it and I’ll be able to put songs on it?  Would it help to order the installation cd that comes with new shuffles? Does that contain drivers needed to make the ipod work with my pc or is it unnecessary to order original cd?

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Question of the Week 3

Migrating from MacMAIL to Thunderbird 2.0

Question by: jdeakin

Read and followed the instructions by Aaron Wright to do this (11/27/2006).  Everything worked just as the instruction said, but when I select the mbox in Tbird, I get—nothing. No messages. The file is 1.5 Mb. I can look at it manually, and see stuff in it.

Only thing that occurs to me is that Thunderbird 2.0 might have a different file structure than 1.5?

Any thoughts, please?

John Deakin

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