AAM: DVD Stuck in Drive!

by Aaron Wright Apr 02, 2007

In all the years I’ve been using computers I’ve not once come across this problem for myself, but I have heard of numerous people who have—getting a disc stuck in their disc drive.

This surely can’t be the most common of problems but it does happen and it’s no doubt a complete nuisance, so what does one do? Take your computer to a repair shop and ask them to jam it out, only to fork out a service charge? Attempt to remove it yourself with some patience and a long, pointy device to remove the disc or by simply smacking your computer over the head with an angry fist? Here’s an idea, post your problem on the AAM forums and pray someone can help you out.

Fortunately for krbush, Wundryn II has come to the rescue with a rather simple solution—now here’s to hoping it works. There are two solutions to try: one is to attempt to manually eject the CD from disk utility and the other is to force it out with a quick restart and a click of your mouse! Read on below to find out how in detail.

There are a few other great questions on the AAM forums this week that are awaiting an answer, so check them out and see if you can help. Thanks to everyone who posted this week.

Question of the Week

DVD Disc Stuck in Drive

By: krbush

I have a dvd recordable disc stuck in the disc drive of my iMac G5. It, for some reason, is not readable and my players are not accepting it. I cannot eject it with any of my programs, and there is no way for me to physically eject it. Anyone have any ideas of how to get this dvd out of my disc drive??

Thanks in advance….

Answer of the Week

By: Wundryn II

Go into your utilities folder and open disk utility. Look on the left at the volume list and if your dvd is showing up there you can highlight it and select eject from the tool bar at the top.

If that doesn’t work restart the computer, wait for the tone, then hold down the mouse. That should force it out if there is not a hardware issue.

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  • And in slot loading drives NEVER EVER EVER insert a disc with a paper label! The drive wheels can cause the paper to rip, peel, or move on the disc which causes it to jam up and when ejecting peel off leaving a sticky paper label peice in your drive…

    That’s the left mouse button for those with more than one.

    xwiredtva had this to say on Apr 02, 2007 Posts: 172
  • xw, this same thing happened to my friend’s macbook. He inserted a DVD with a paper label and when he tried to eject it came out just enough so you can see the edge, but couldn’t get a grip on the disc. There are times like these that I appreciate those clunky disc trays that pop out of most laptops. Sometimes I wish apple would just forego with this particular stylish doodad and just get a nice tray loading drive with a good door to just run flush and conceal the assembly.

    Kaiser Machead had this to say on Apr 02, 2007 Posts: 10
  • hi, i have a DVD stuck in my brand new 20” iMac which i got for christmas and i have tried everything including the mouse at restart about 100 times, disk utility etc, etc.

    I think i’ll need to send it away, but i’m wondering if anybody else has any solutions?

    Pablo had this to say on Dec 28, 2007 Posts: 1
  • pablo, sorry that this is your first experience with your new mac! I would suggest calling apple.

    Hadley Stern had this to say on Dec 28, 2007 Posts: 114
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