9 Live Blogs to Check Out for Macworld Keynote Coverage

by Tanner Godarzi Jan 11, 2008

Bummed about not being able to go to Macworld but want to follow the action? No problem, many blogs will cover the event, and here they are.


One of the more popular live Blogs to follow, Mac Rumors offers extensive minute-by-minute coverage of the keynote action. There is also no need to refresh your browser, as updates are served via AJAX every minute. Alternatively, you can receive updates via SMS (leveraging Twitter), and the sign up page is here.

In addition, an iPhone/iPod Touch friendly page will be available for those following the keynote on the go, like me.



The boys at Engadget tend to cover all Apple events, and Macworld is no different. The only downside to Engadget’s live blogging is that the post does not auto refresh and new updates appear at the bottom. However, they have more than enough power to keep the blog up while waves of users check for Macworld updates.

In addition to Engadget, TUAW and Gizmodo should be covering Macworld as well. You’ll want to check back frequently; TUAW and Gizmodo function the same as Engadget when it comes to live blogging, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra tabs open because other web sites can stall due to traffic overload.

Other Live Blogs

To be sure your coverage of Macworld goes uninterrupted, you can check out these other live blogs who have provided Apple keynote coverage in the past.

The Mac Observer will be providing a live blog as well http://live.macobserver.com/article/2008/01/macworld_expo_keynote.shtml

Macscoop will be providing a Keynote update similar to Macrumors; the page reloads every 30 seconds instead of the usual 1 minute.


MacUser should be providing live coverage.


The Apple Blog should be doing an IRC update to users who manage to nab a spot.


Tech Digest TD could be doing a live blog for Macworld, check back for frequent updates.

Apple Matters—last but not least, Hadley will be attending the keynote and will be live blogging at live.applematters.com.


  • Thanks heaps for doing the legwork for us, Tanner.

    Chris Howard had this to say on Jan 13, 2008 Posts: 1209
  • Macworld will be doing live coverage of the event, as we have with every Apple event in the last eight or so years… I’m not sure why you guys never remember us.


    Jason Snell had this to say on Jan 13, 2008 Posts: 1
  • We will be providing coverage @ Cunning.TV… We may get an audio feed, otherwise we’ll be reporting live smile

    AriX had this to say on Jan 14, 2008 Posts: 1
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